Cecotec Microwave ProClean 3010 Capacity of 20 Liters


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The microwave ProClean 3010 be & aacute; indispensable in thy kitchen. Podr & aacute; s prepare foremost what imagines with their 20 LTR capacity. Your Gate FullWhite le Give & aacute; a special touch to thy kitchen. With the tecnolog & Iacute; A & uacute; ltima generaci & oacute; N 3DWave wraps the full a Trav by Food & eacute; s a very efficient waves that leaves no Ning’s System & uacute; N dot fr & Iacute; O. Has a power 700 W, distributed shape ID & oacute; NEA in 6 tiers that optimizan all the caracter & Iacute; sticas microwave oven for getting a best result in foremost type food. The coating from new breed generaci & oacute; N Ready2Clean facilitates that thy microwave left flawless in so only a few seconds. Incorporates a callpoint AC & uacute; stico that you communicate & aacute; the final cocci & oacute; N. AND with your F & aacute; CIL usability podr & aacute; s use it shape M & aacute; S C & oacute; fashion.

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